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Restoration Cleaning - Specialist Laundry & Dry Cleaning Recovery, ONLINE 24 HRS

Why Choose Restoration Cleaning?

Service Area

We service the entire South West, including Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. Take advantage of our unique experience today.


Highest Recovery Rates

We aim for the highest recovery rates in the industry, saving your valuable personal items. We will inspect everything thoroughly and do our best to salvage any items that may initially appear to be too difficult to restore.


We are an independent, specialist company dedicated to the careful recovery of your fire, smoke, water and other damaged clothing including leather & suede, shoes & accessories, linens, toys and soft furnishings such as drapes. Please call for details.

Our Pricing

We are an independent specialist and don't have the massive costs associated with a franchise or a general contractor where the restoration of clothing and other contents is often an afterthought. This means that we can offer a dedicated service with lower overheads than many other companies. We pass these savings on to you and your insurer.

Our Systems

We use state of the art inventory, order management, and customer service systems, helping you to recover as quickly and effectively as possible. We also use the most appropriate cleaning methods, from hand cleaning to the latest machine technology for the task at hand.

Caring and Compassionate

On a final note, your most important reason for choosing Restoration Cleaning may be our caring culture, where you will be assigned a specific member of staff to manage your recovery - from the aftermath of the incident to the return of your fresh, restored belongings.

Who We Serve And What We Do

Agents & Adjusters

Restoration cleaning works directly with an extensive network of insurance adjusters and agents. After filing a claim, we will complete an on-site inventory and pack-out affected textiles. We understand the importance of getting policyholders back on their feet as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our restoration process ensures that we deliver reliable professional services with the industry's best recovery rates at the best price

Our Specialists

Restoration Cleaning works with contractors as they restore, repair, and rebuild damaged properties. While the contractor handles the physical damages to structure, Restoration Cleaning removes affected items. We also coordinate with you construction team to minimize disruption and maximize recovery of the affected belongings

Areas We Service

Regular Hours and Location

 We are open MONDAY - FRIDAY

from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM


10:00AM to 2:00PM and


Closed (except for emergencies) - By Appointment Only.  Call Now

The store is located at 3685 S Highland Dr STE 11 

At Twain & Polaris, just to the North of the Rio Hotel & Casino

Exit I-15 at Spring Mountain then head West for Polaris

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Restoration Cleaning is the premier online-based emergency/restoration dry cleaning and laundry pick-up service in the US South West